Sooooo this is my first blog post ,I’m pretty nervous if I’m honest. It’s currently 12:20am on Sunday and i have school tomorrow whoooo, could you sense the sarcasm through the screen? Jack and Jack’s music is playing through my headphones [ they are great if you don’t know who they are ].

Is it weird that I’m still trying to adapt to the new year? My school books are filled with crossed out 6 and tiny 7. 2016 was extremely eventful good and bad but I’m extremely exited for this year. I’ve got some good things coming up ,what about you? Back to the topic of school we have been back for 3 weeks and I’ve already done over two tests, talk about not prepared. Lets also talk about school uniforms i hate them . so jealous for those of you who don’t have any,blazers and shirts are not fun.

I think that’s it for today ,was that okay for a first. Have any suggestions please share .               See you next time, your small british teen xxx


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