Fan Girling

Fan~ a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing

Fan Girling ~ behave in an obsessive or overexited way.

I am a fan girl. I am a fan girl of multiple fandoms. With this comes getting very emotional about people who don’t recognise your existence. which is sad never the less especially when certain groups split up. But in most cases you continue to obsess over these people continuously anyway,

As for these people you will follow them on every social media platform with your notifications on. You will try to be one of the first people to like their tweets/instagrams and comment adoring messages hoping they will recognize you.

Some people follow a group/person from the beginning , others join later on. However we all love them the same. When you see them you smile and instantly feel giddy sometimes these people help others with the most simple things sometimes just by tweeting hey.

I think that’s the most incredible thing i find about these people. They are helping others with out realising it and its spectacular when you think about it . On click of a button and they can turn someones day upside down in a positive way.

Sometimes you can be teased for having a large interest in someone but in the end if they make you happy who cares? I know I don’t.

As I have gotten older i have grown to learn that what ever i want to do in life i want to make people happy. Hopefully one day i will be able to do it through music,  just to make someone  smile like these people have done for me .

I think that’s why I took such an interest to them because thats what i wanted to do and i still do.

Are you invested to any fandoms? what is your opinions on it ? What type of fandoms are you into?

ps sorry for not updating I will try to get better.

fangirl/guy hard/ little british girl xoxo


One thought on “Fan Girling

  1. Yup, Its definitely hard being a fangirl. I mostly fangirl over youtubers and a few singers and bands. And most of the time I end up thinking ‘why am I obsessing over people whom I just know virtually?’

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