Summer :)

So as a normal person before summer begins i make an imaginary list of what i think will happen. However when it gets to the time you hardly ever end up doing any of this.

Since summer let out i have been religiously watching movies ,binging shows and reading. I have had a couple of sleepover’s ,cinema trips and lunches but it feels like i havent done anything. Not that im complaining i probably need to relax with all the stress and stuff ive been up to recently.

With some thinking i have decided as tomorrow was my last day of being a full-blown dark brunette i need to do something and once im blonde i’m going to carry on doing things.

Yoga is something im trying out on saturday and im surprisingly exited. Although it’s not just normal yoga its aerial which is when it’s on a rope or something like that. I’m doing it with my mum so it’s going to be hilarious. Than after yoga i’m going to dye my hair.

nervous and exited are the words i would describe towards my feelings of the occasion. Yes, i have dyed my hair before but not to this extreme i guess. The first time was couple years ago and i dipped dyed it to a lighter brown but got bored a couple of months later and cut my hair short. A couple of months ago, now that  my hair was long again i went for a dark purple. So now going blonde i guess is the most adventurous because i can’t get my natural colour back that easily. Not that id admit that to anyone because i had to fight hard to convince everyone it was a good idea. If you cant tell changing my hair is my way of being different.

So that’s all i really have to say about this, might have gone a bit off topic but thats me. Let me know whats the most crazy thing you’ve done or what you want to do?

Get to your summer plans,

Little British girl xoxo


2 thoughts on “Summer :)

  1. I’ve seen videos of aerial yoga before and it looks amazing so I’m excited for you! Also, I’m sure you’ll love being blonde and it’s good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally!! (but then again this is coming from someone who get’s overly excited about some decisions and ends up regretting them after awhile…BUT I’M SURE YOU’LL LOOK FAB)

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