We all have expectations in this day and age but sometimes it is frustrating.

Being a girl doesn’t help either. I remember being younger and being teased for having hair on my legs ; but we are all born with it. So why is it a problem.From young ages we are told what is beautiful and what is not. However i think that’s wrong ,everyone is beautiful in one way or another whoever you are. People can be mean and I’ve had to deal with that first hand but you as an individual can not let these expectations define you.

Sometimes you think they might be right and i know because I’ve felt like that. Everyone [even if we don’t like to admit it ] is put into a category. Whether you are ;popular ,nerds ,athletes ,musicians ,artists or anything else we are all branded by a label. Some people enjoy the label they are given and some people despise it but we all learn to live with it. We  shouldnt have to, we deserve to be who we want to be and chose are own paths not let others or society make them for us. We are equal and no one deserves to be treated better or worse then somebody else.

In english today we were reading a play called Blood Brothers and these kids got in trouble one was from a higher class then the other. When the parents were spoke to they were treated entirely differently based on their social status. Even though this play is fictional things like this are happening all around us. Like that popular girl who is treated a lot better then the shy one or the sporty guy who is adored more then the smart one at the front.

Expectations divide us ones who meet them will be at the higher and then the ones who don’t. If anyone is reading this try and think about what you say to the person who is different to you. Say something nice instead of mean, make a new friend. Share your opinions expectation or about anything you get out of this. Sorry for the rant next post will be happier and more fun.

stay strong, little british girl xxx


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