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Sorry :(

Hey to anyone who has bothered to stick around, it has been a long time and I can’t even remember what I last wrote about or when it was.

Incase I haven’t written about this I changed school back in January and things have been hectic. I’ve had end of year exams, music lessons and I even joined a band. So to say things have been busy would be an understatement. It was also my birthday recently so that was pretty good.

Anyway back to the changing school thing, I have met some amazing people but I still don’t feel like I fit it. I just don’t have anything in common with anyone which makes for a lot of small talk. I have this friend and don’t get me wrong I really like her and she is one of the people in the group who I actually can talk to but she confuses me. It’s weird one minute she is being really sweet and the next she is calling me unpleasant names with a serious tone and look in her eye. she can also be pretty vicious which always seems to catch me off guard and she kind of threatens me when I don’t do what she wants. To be honest I know how bad this sounds but this is the first person who i feel like i could have a friendship with but with the way she acts I’m not sure how i could deal with that.

Music wise however is going amazing and I have never felt more passionate about anything else. I write occasionally just to unload but unfortunately i can never find the right words to continue it. School work is also going really well all of my grades were above expectations and I have been invited to the awards ceremony to celebrate achievements of students; no idea what mine is for.

There is a boy. We get on the same bus and over time we have started talking ( in person only he doesn’t have social media ūüė¶ ) and I have kind of caught feelings for him. My friends are convinced he flirts with me but I just don’t see it. He is in the year above so what would he find the least bit attractive about me. Did i mention his mum is my vocal coach and my piano teacher. It’s quite awkward really, anyone with a music teacher might know you talk to them quite a lot and i unload to mine. I found this one boy attractive next thing you know the whole school finds out and then he calls me ugly. ¬†So that’s what i talked to her about this one day and then i suddenly noticed how she constantly mentioned her son ( don’t have a code name so if you think of one be sure to tell me)and how i should like him and how he’s so sweet. Just things like that and once i started noticing it, i couldn’t stop. Only a few of my friends know and i have no idea what to do.

apologising once again for not posting in forever and if this was a bit of a ramble.If you have any suggestions to help with my current problems please let me know I could really use the help. By the way it has reached 30 degrees celsius in England to da o i am pretty impressed.

Hope some of you are still around,

Little British girl xoxo

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Fan Girling

Fan~ a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing

Fan Girling ~ behave in an obsessive or overexited way.

I am a fan girl. I am a fan girl of multiple fandoms. With this comes getting very emotional about people who don’t recognise your existence. which is sad never the less especially¬†when certain groups split up. But in most cases you continue to obsess over these people continuously anyway,

As for these people you will follow them on every social media platform with your notifications on. You will try to be one of the first people to like their tweets/instagrams and comment adoring messages hoping they will recognize you.

Some people follow a group/person from the beginning , others join later on. However we all love them the same. When you see them you smile and instantly feel giddy sometimes these people help others with the most simple things sometimes just by tweeting hey.

I think that’s the most incredible thing i find about these people. They are helping others with out realising it and its spectacular when you think about it . On click of a button and they can turn someones day upside down in a positive way.

Sometimes you can be teased for having a large interest in someone but in the end if they make you happy who cares? I know I don’t.

As I have gotten older i have grown to learn that what ever i want to do in life i want to make people happy. Hopefully one day i will be able to do it through music,  just to make someone  smile like these people have done for me .

I think that’s why I took such an interest to them because thats what i wanted to do and i still do.

Are you invested to any fandoms? what is your opinions on it ? What type of fandoms are you into?

ps sorry for not updating I will try to get better.

fangirl/guy hard/ little british girl xoxo

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Sorry and what i’ve been up to

Hey sorry for not posting for a week. If I am being honest i just wanted some time to relax and focus on me and my friends.

So this past week has been such a nice break as I mentioned in an other blog post i had a ridiculous amount of tests which was stressful but i got a couple of results back and did quite well which is always amazing. Back at school today, it was nice seeing people who i wasnt able to see over break.

Changes. Over the past week i have really thought about what i want to achieve and do. To start that of is getting my body to look how i want it to. I am not over weight however i am not where i personally want to be so i am working out in the mornings before school , eating well and im going to the gym with a couple of friends on Thursdays.

Music wise I still hav’nt¬†written anything new as i just have no inspiration at the moment which is a bit annoying but i have learnt some new songs .I have been really focused on my ukulele which has been lots of fun and being able to play some of my favorite artists is awesome. Also i had to re-string one of my guitar strings as it snapped. Proud of my self as it went well surprisingly .

Another thing i have been focused on is my art work. It is really coming along and experimenting with different equipment from ; paints, oil pastels and pencils. I concluded with some really nice pieces that i am proud of. My favorite piece was of a high way and at the end of it was jupiter. I actually had to buy a new art book because i ran out of space. It is gorgeous and from paper chase. It is the biggest i could get and has maps mixed together on the front.

So i had a couple of other things to mention but i don’t want to bore you so ill save it for next time.

What have you done in the past week?  How are you? Any exiting news?

love yourself {Justin Bieber reference :]}, little british girl xoxo

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So if you have not picked up on this yet I love music and when i say love i actually mean obsessed. As far as instruments go i can play piano, guitar and ukulele. I also like to sing.

With music it is great to have idols/inspiration. My major ones would have to be; Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande. Just putting it out there also big on One Direction and Justin Bieber just saying. Anyway i love a lot of other artists but these are the ones i dream to have a career like.

My Spotify playlist is too long. As in 2648 songs currently. However this is because my wide range of music choices from classical to rap and everything in between. It is nice having this mix as you can really mix it up and your bound to have an interest of each category with someone , so there is a great sentence starter.

Back to what i play, i adore being able to do this. I also write music which has been my best way of expressing my self as im so passionate about it. There is a song called Ten Toes Down by TeRae and if you haven’t heard of it i strongly suggest you give it a listen. Anyway there is a challenge called ten toes and its all about people rapping or singing about their experiences and how they feel. Some of those people are so talented that i get lost in the internet for hours. I would love to post one but i simply do not have the confidence. One day hopefully i will

Some song I’ve been loving are; I¬†Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly ft Ed Sheeran ,Ed’s new songs [so exited for the album] and his old ones , dont i a personal favorite i can also play it on guitar, Shawn’s album’s because they are amazing #been there since day one !

Whats your favorite song/album at the moment? Can you play an instrument? Who is your musical idol?

Have a listen to some music, little british girl xoxo

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Half term

Whoooo I have made it through my first half term at my new school. For those of you how don’t know what half term is it is a one week break through out your school term. So yes i am of for a week and im glad.

Things to do. Major one is obviously to catch up on sleep. I like many others am a night owl. Bad things that come with this are going to bed a few hours before school ,meaning you will be a zombie for the first couple hours. Let me tell you that is not an attractive look on me as i only have twenty minutes to get ready , pack my bag, make my coffee and have a smoothie.

Secondly, i want to learn some more songs on the guitar and maybe piano. Maybe even write a couple as i have had no time to do such things lately. Also i am going to make a t-shirt. Its going to be black, cropped , lose fitted and have a black and white Aztec print pocket.

unfortunately due to teachers not wanting you to have fun i have homework. There is evidentially too much Spanish work and three pages of math revision. Also i need to do design and technology work. Dont teachers realise we have a social life or have things we would rather be doing. I have done at least one test in every subject the last two weeks but obviously that’s not enough work for them.I would love to be able to take some good photos aswell but who knows.

What are you doing ? Do you think teachers want to torture us because they were ? What are your hobbies ?

Ps. im starting cheerleading again on Tuesday and im supper exited to get back to it.

Have fun, little british girl xoxo



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social media

I like many other teens in this day and age have social media. From snapchat ,to instagram to twitter ,Pinterest and any other platforms you can think of. However is social media a good thing.

Sometimes it is. I have friends across the world and it helps me keep in touch with them easily. Which is great because without it we wouldn’t be able to talk now its just a click of a button. Also you can express your self posting your thoughts and feelings or pictures of you and your friends. Fan girls/boys like my self can keep up to date with our favorite celebrities which has helped me get tickets for concerts as i know exactly when they come out.

Anything good has its bad sides and social media can have quite a few. Last year i had to come off it for a little while. It made me enjoy life a bit more not living through a screen and i talked to people face to face more often. There is also quite alot of negitivity online so as soon as your out there anyone can judge you. Many more reasons as well as this but i wont get into them now or thiss will be a while.

In the end there is good and bad points but it also depends on how you use it and whether you are responsible. Yes i will continue to use social media but i will always keep in mind the negitives.

whats your opinion? whats your favorite social media? Are you sad vines gone [i am ]? What do you want to read about let me know.

be little social media geeks, little british girl xoxo

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Photography is another one of my passions. I love the though of being able to capture moments of our lives.

To take the photos i use generally three different thing ; my phone,fuji film instax mini 8 and canon 1300D. However if you want to get into this you don’t need it you can simply use your phone if you want. Each piece of equipment has its own use. My phone is to capture unexpected moments as it’s with me all of the time. Fuji film for certain group photos of landscapes and my canon for pictures i want to be high quality and more precise.

My favorite photos to take are landscapes of beautiful places; sunsets, beaches, city’s, the country and anything else like that. I like to be able to relive the view ive seen as some of them are magnificent and positively breath-taking. Sometimes the simple things are most effective instead of something extravagant. One of my favorite photos is one of a lock. I went to watch the rugby and after the match when they closed the gate to the seats I had an idea. Yes i did look ridicules but it was worth it. Saying that another favorite of mine is a sunset a climbed some rocks that go past the shore towards the ocean. The focus was purely on the sea but the waves ad rocks compleated the photo.

You can also express yourself through it. A stormy night can represent anger and gorgeous sunny day can show joy. Of corse those are just some obvious examples and there are so many other ways.

Do you take photos, if so what of? How was you day and what are you doing at the weekend?

Snap away, little british girl xoxo

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It is safe to say i am a nightmare with emotions. I bury them so deep that sometimes i don’t even know what i feel. I don’t mean to but its my way of coping.

Being a teen doesn’t help with these things. We are trying to figure out who we are and who we want to be. We are told to talk about our feelings but how am i meant to do that if i dont understand what those feelings are. If i ever have a negative emotion it is portrayed as anger and because of this i have a temper. If there is a positive emotion you will see a smile but they are not always real.

People close to you worry when you are not smiling so sometimes that’s all you know how to do. However for me personally i don’t like to be seen as weak so most of a time there is a smile, even on my worst days. I am afraid for some one to use me at my down point. There for if they can’t find a weakness , i cant get hurt. Which is sad that i think like this because you shouldnt it’s not nice and i hope none of you do.

Recently i have tried to express my self whether through art of music and it has been going great. I found joy in what i was doing which made it that more enjoyable. In the end i have something im proud of and that is me. So if any of you do feel like this its a suggestion. I am not expert so it might not work for you but if you are passionate about something put your emotions into it and you will be surprised at the results.

Sorry about the down vibe today itll be happy tomorrow. Do you have any advice for your fellow teens ? What are your coping mechanisms?

Try, little british girl xoxo

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I am a feminist but a lot of people will take that the wrong way. Some people think that we argue for better women rights then mens but that’s not true. We fight for equality because we believe that’s only fair.

I am not speaking for all when I say these things either there is a lot of views on why and what. I hate that a woman can have the same job as a man but he will be paid more. I hate hearing that i cant do things because im a girl. My school has my years house games at the end of the month and we have to pick our options. I wanted to do doge ball or football or netball. Football however was apparently not an option for girls why? Is it only a male game now because if i do re-call England has a women’s football team. I have played for a girls football team so why is it not an option?

I remember in primary school having to wear the boys old football kit as they got new ones. We were representing the school too so why couldn’t we have nice clean fitting kits? Me and the girls from my team eventually got a meeting with the coach and convinced him to get us kits. We got to design them but we never got to play in them that’s¬†because it took two years to get the girl’s team their own kit. However i am glad we fought for them because now other girls have had the chance to be treated fairly.

The phrase ‘do this like a girl’ has become an insult over the years when it really shouldnt be. Girls are strong and smart like men and do not deserve to be put down because of these girls. When young girls hear these things how do you think it makes them feel because it didn’t use to make me feel great.

So feminism isn’t about taking power away from men and making them less valued it is giving women the same amount of power men have and making them valued. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, so why is half the world not.

Are you a feminist? Do you belive in equality? What would you change if you had the power to even though with a little help you probably can?

Be fair ,little british girl xoxo

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My Parents have always loved travelling so it doesn’t come as a surprise that I do as well. From a young age I remember going to so many different countries and as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to appreciate each place more.

My favorite place I’ve been to so far would have to be Thailand. We went to three different places while there but I personally loved Ko Chang. It is beautiful. experiences I have had there make me feel so grateful to had been able to do that.

What left the biggest mark was being able to ride and swim with elephants. You probably don’t know this but they are my absolute favorite animal. We were in a jungle and my elephant was called Star and she was beautiful. Me and my mum were riding star when she suddenly went off the trail and the man didn’t do anything about it. As you can imagine we were quite worried. Next thing you know we are in front of a tree with some type of fruit on it and to this day I don’t know. The man climbed up the tree picked and peeled the fruit and ooh my god it was delicious. Finally we were back on the trail and we reached this waterfall/lake. Star walked to a cliff and we put down our valuables and climbed back on. IN the water the elephants were squirting us and that is one of the best experiences of my life.

Swimming in a waterfall was my second best event. I am a big fan of water whether that’s the sea of a lake I love it. So being the chance to do this was amazing. I can’t describe how i felt at that moment but it was magical.

What is your favorite place you have been to? Where would you like to go?

Just though I would add this in I am a very bad traveler, I get super scared when on a plane and I get car sick but I don’t let that stop me and neither should you!

Explore as much as you can, little british girl xoxo