Sorry and what i’ve been up to

Hey sorry for not posting for a week. If I am being honest i just wanted some time to relax and focus on me and my friends.

So this past week has been such a nice break as I mentioned in an other blog post i had a ridiculous amount of tests which was stressful but i got a couple of results back and did quite well which is always amazing. Back at school today, it was nice seeing people who i wasnt able to see over break.

Changes. Over the past week i have really thought about what i want to achieve and do. To start that of is getting my body to look how i want it to. I am not over weight however i am not where i personally want to be so i am working out in the mornings before school , eating well and im going to the gym with a couple of friends on Thursdays.

Music wise I still hav’nt written anything new as i just have no inspiration at the moment which is a bit annoying but i have learnt some new songs .I have been really focused on my ukulele which has been lots of fun and being able to play some of my favorite artists is awesome. Also i had to re-string one of my guitar strings as it snapped. Proud of my self as it went well surprisingly .

Another thing i have been focused on is my art work. It is really coming along and experimenting with different equipment from ; paints, oil pastels and pencils. I concluded with some really nice pieces that i am proud of. My favorite piece was of a high way and at the end of it was jupiter. I actually had to buy a new art book because i ran out of space. It is gorgeous and from paper chase. It is the biggest i could get and has maps mixed together on the front.

So i had a couple of other things to mention but i don’t want to bore you so ill save it for next time.

What have you done in the past week?  How are you? Any exiting news?

love yourself {Justin Bieber reference :]}, little british girl xoxo


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