Half term

Whoooo I have made it through my first half term at my new school. For those of you how don’t know what half term is it is a one week break through out your school term. So yes i am of for a week and im glad.

Things to do. Major one is obviously to catch up on sleep. I like many others am a night owl. Bad things that come with this are going to bed a few hours before school ,meaning you will be a zombie for the first couple hours. Let me tell you that is not an attractive look on me as i only have twenty minutes to get ready , pack my bag, make my coffee and have a smoothie.

Secondly, i want to learn some more songs on the guitar and maybe piano. Maybe even write a couple as i have had no time to do such things lately. Also i am going to make a t-shirt. Its going to be black, cropped , lose fitted and have a black and white Aztec print pocket.

unfortunately due to teachers not wanting you to have fun i have homework. There is evidentially too much Spanish work and three pages of math revision. Also i need to do design and technology work. Dont teachers realise we have a social life or have things we would rather be doing. I have done at least one test in every subject the last two weeks but obviously that’s not enough work for them.I would love to be able to take some good photos aswell but who knows.

What are you doing ? Do you think teachers want to torture us because they were ? What are your hobbies ?

Ps. im starting cheerleading again on Tuesday and im supper exited to get back to it.

Have fun, little british girl xoxo




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