social media

I like many other teens in this day and age have social media. From snapchat ,to instagram to twitter ,Pinterest and any other platforms you can think of. However is social media a good thing.

Sometimes it is. I have friends across the world and it helps me keep in touch with them easily. Which is great because without it we wouldn’t be able to talk now its just a click of a button. Also you can express your self posting your thoughts and feelings or pictures of you and your friends. Fan girls/boys like my self can keep up to date with our favorite celebrities which has helped me get tickets for concerts as i know exactly when they come out.

Anything good has its bad sides and social media can have quite a few. Last year i had to come off it for a little while. It made me enjoy life a bit more not living through a screen and i talked to people face to face more often. There is also quite alot of negitivity online so as soon as your out there anyone can judge you. Many more reasons as well as this but i wont get into them now or thiss will be a while.

In the end there is good and bad points but it also depends on how you use it and whether you are responsible. Yes i will continue to use social media but i will always keep in mind the negitives.

whats your opinion? whats your favorite social media? Are you sad vines gone [i am ]? What do you want to read about let me know.

be little social media geeks, little british girl xoxo


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