Photography is another one of my passions. I love the though of being able to capture moments of our lives.

To take the photos i use generally three different thing ; my phone,fuji film instax mini 8 and canon 1300D. However if you want to get into this you don’t need it you can simply use your phone if you want. Each piece of equipment has its own use. My phone is to capture unexpected moments as it’s with me all of the time. Fuji film for certain group photos of landscapes and my canon for pictures i want to be high quality and more precise.

My favorite photos to take are landscapes of beautiful places; sunsets, beaches, city’s, the country and anything else like that. I like to be able to relive the view ive seen as some of them are magnificent and positively breath-taking. Sometimes the simple things are most effective instead of something extravagant. One of my favorite photos is one of a lock. I went to watch the rugby and after the match when they closed the gate to the seats I had an idea. Yes i did look ridicules but it was worth it. Saying that another favorite of mine is a sunset a climbed some rocks that go past the shore towards the ocean. The focus was purely on the sea but the waves ad rocks compleated the photo.

You can also express yourself through it. A stormy night can represent anger and gorgeous sunny day can show joy. Of corse those are just some obvious examples and there are so many other ways.

Do you take photos, if so what of? How was you day and what are you doing at the weekend?

Snap away, little british girl xoxo


2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. It’s fantastic you have such a rewarding hobby. Have you considered a career in photography? I don’t really take photos much. If I do it’s usually of my cats lol. This weekend I’m taking my friend out for lunch because it was her birthday today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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