It is safe to say i am a nightmare with emotions. I bury them so deep that sometimes i don’t even know what i feel. I don’t mean to but its my way of coping.

Being a teen doesn’t help with these things. We are trying to figure out who we are and who we want to be. We are told to talk about our feelings but how am i meant to do that if i dont understand what those feelings are. If i ever have a negative emotion it is portrayed as anger and because of this i have a temper. If there is a positive emotion you will see a smile but they are not always real.

People close to you worry when you are not smiling so sometimes that’s all you know how to do. However for me personally i don’t like to be seen as weak so most of a time there is a smile, even on my worst days. I am afraid for some one to use me at my down point. There for if they can’t find a weakness , i cant get hurt. Which is sad that i think like this because you shouldnt it’s not nice and i hope none of you do.

Recently i have tried to express my self whether through art of music and it has been going great. I found joy in what i was doing which made it that more enjoyable. In the end i have something im proud of and that is me. So if any of you do feel like this its a suggestion. I am not expert so it might not work for you but if you are passionate about something put your emotions into it and you will be surprised at the results.

Sorry about the down vibe today itll be happy tomorrow. Do you have any advice for your fellow teens ? What are your coping mechanisms?

Try, little british girl xoxo


One thought on “emotions

  1. I have found a way of coping with all my repressed emotions and that is writing. Be it story or journal, I just write. It keeps me happy. I think that expressing through your passion is the best way to deal with this.

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