I am a feminist but a lot of people will take that the wrong way. Some people think that we argue for better women rights then mens but that’s not true. We fight for equality because we believe that’s only fair.

I am not speaking for all when I say these things either there is a lot of views on why and what. I hate that a woman can have the same job as a man but he will be paid more. I hate hearing that i cant do things because im a girl. My school has my years house games at the end of the month and we have to pick our options. I wanted to do doge ball or football or netball. Football however was apparently not an option for girls why? Is it only a male game now because if i do re-call England has a women’s football team. I have played for a girls football team so why is it not an option?

I remember in primary school having to wear the boys old football kit as they got new ones. We were representing the school too so why couldn’t we have nice clean fitting kits? Me and the girls from my team eventually got a meeting with the coach and convinced him to get us kits. We got to design them but we never got to play in them that’sĀ because it took two years to get the girl’s team their own kit. However i am glad we fought for them because now other girls have had the chance to be treated fairly.

The phrase ‘do this like a girl’ has become an insult over the years when it really shouldnt be. Girls are strong and smart like men and do not deserve to be put down because of these girls. When young girls hear these things how do you think it makes them feel because it didn’t use to make me feel great.

So feminism isn’t about taking power away from men and making them less valued it is giving women the same amount of power men have and making them valued. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, so why is half the world not.

Are you a feminist? Do you belive in equality? What would you change if you had the power to even though with a little help you probably can?

Be fair ,little british girl xoxo


One thought on “Feminism

  1. I believe in Feminism and I have sometimes received some weird looks from people when I say that, coz apparently feminism is supposed to be about ‘Women leading the world’. But what people fail to understand is- it’s equality that matters. Girls are still supposed to be the ‘weaker vessel’ and I hate that.
    If I had the power, I would change the ‘privileges’ given to girls coz it just shows that we are weaker than men and need help to survive.

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