My Parents have always loved travelling so it doesn’t come as a surprise that I do as well. From a young age I remember going to so many different countries and as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to appreciate each place more.

My favorite place I’ve been to so far would have to be Thailand. We went to three different places while there but I personally loved Ko Chang. It is beautiful. experiences I have had there make me feel so grateful to had been able to do that.

What left the biggest mark was being able to ride and swim with elephants. You probably don’t know this but they are my absolute favorite animal. We were in a jungle and my elephant was called Star and she was beautiful. Me and my mum were riding star when she suddenly went off the trail and the man didn’t do anything about it. As you can imagine we were quite worried. Next thing you know we are in front of a tree with some type of fruit on it and to this day I don’t know. The man climbed up the tree picked and peeled the fruit and ooh my god it was delicious. Finally we were back on the trail and we reached this waterfall/lake. Star walked to a cliff and we put down our valuables and climbed back on. IN the water the elephants were squirting us and that is one of the best experiences of my life.

Swimming in a waterfall was my second best event. I am a big fan of water whether that’s the sea of a lake I love it. So being the chance to do this was amazing. I can’t describe how i felt at that moment but it was magical.

What is your favorite place you have been to? Where would you like to go?

Just though I would add this in I am a very bad traveler, I get super scared when on a plane and I get car sick but I don’t let that stop me and neither should you!

Explore as much as you can, little british girl xoxo


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