Body Expectations?

I will say that sometimes i am not proud of my body, I am 5’2 and curvy. People say my stomach is small and i dont have to worry but some of my friends are skinny and i want to be like that.

Whatever body we are given we will usually want another. If you are skinny you want to be curvy and if your curvy you want to be super skinny. Our generation looks up to beautiful models who have the ‘ideal body’ and we are told we should want to look like that. But why should we aspire to have bodies like people who’s top priority is to keep it the way it if for their jobs.

Over time i have learnt to love my curves even on my petit body. My bottom half looks good in jeans and the top looks good in shirts. It doesnt matter what your body looks like because in the end its your personality that really matters and if you love the way you look rock it. Take control, wear clothes that accentuate your figure and be proud.

The number does not matter whether that’s on a scale or a size. We all deserve to be able to look like how we want to with out being judged. Today i wore skinny jeans and a bodycon and at first i was hesitant about wearing it because it is tight and sticks to my curves. In the end i did wear it and i felt like i could kick but. It was empowering walking around looking how i looked. We all deserve to be able to feel like that because it is the best feeling.

So whether you are plus size or really small, tall or even short. Love yourself ,you deserve it. Have you ever felt bad about your body? How did you overcome it? Remember its okay to compliment someone ,you never know it might make their day.

Stay beautiful, little british girl xoxo


2 thoughts on “Body Expectations?

    1. I agree with you whole heartedly and in the end you should not care what people think of you and something i like to live by goes like this , what other people think of you is none of your business and no one controls your happiness but you.

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