Over time we all develop our own sense of style. For some people it comes naturally others it takes time. Yeh we all go through our embarrassing stages but we will get through it ,i promise.

Personally my wardrobe consists of black, white, grey,khaki green, red and blue. If I’m honest i will admit i love a nice check shirt. You can wear it in so many ways such as around your waist, as an actual shirt or a jacket. It can be your statement piece if you want wear all black then add a red shirt and bam it really stands out.

Another piece of clothing are hats, i have too many. From beanies, snapbacks ,caps to bandanas you name it i have it. Adding some head wear can make a big difference to your outfit especially if you just cant do hair. The type of hat also makes a big difference. In the last couple of months i have really got into caps of all different fabrics. I have two velvet caps [baby pink and black] and i am obsessed . The texture really does change it up in a good way. Also lets talk about bandanas, they are my go to if i’ve got my hair in an up-do. Wether its in a bun ,pony tail  ,braids ,it doesn’t matter it will look good.

My favorite clothing for my legs would have to be jeans. Of corse i love leggings and sweatpants. However there are so many different types of jeans such as; high waisted, mom jeans, ripped, 3 quarter length, turn ups and more. With all of the different options you can really mix it up if you want to and i like having that choice.

SHOES. I am a compleat trainer head i own so many different pairs. The plus side of wearing trainer is that they are hella comfortable. Dont get me wrong i love boots and i think they can be the perfect final touch to an outfit. However there are so many diffrent colours and designs.

What are your fashion go to’s? If you had a tip for someone what would it be let me know in the comments.

stay stiylish, little british girl xoxo



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