So like a lot of other teens out there I’m quite awkward and shy but i try to cover it up with being confident and outgoing. I am terrified of rejection and always wanting to fit in is kind of a pain especially when it doesn’t work.

Ever since i remember speaking to people my age has been difficult maybe because i have been brought up around more adult then children.Anyway so when i meet new people my head is just filled with thought like; what if i mess up, have i already messed up ,is this award for them two and many more. So when i finally make friends i invest everything into that friendship.

I have been screwed over by lots of people I’ve trusted which really bursts my self esteem. Once that has happened i try to figure out what i did wrong even if people tell my i didn’t do anything and to just brush it off.  I have 3 long time friends and i don’t know what i would do with out them. Even when i dont speak to them a lot i know they have got my back and that’s a great feeling.

At the start of this year i changed schools as i just didn’t fit in in my old one. Since moving i have started to do things i enjoy: I’m in a singing group and I’m taking guitar lessons. Im doing well there and its a nice feeling [ just thought id mention i got an A- on a art piece and I’m pretty proud of my self] . Also i have some met some great people and they have made me feel so welcome and that i belong. Tonight for the first time in a while i had some friends round and it was amazing to just be me and have people accept that. We were joking around the whole time just like your typical teenage group.

What I’m trying to say here is that its okay to be hurt by someone you cared about because in the end you will meet better people who truly care about you and you will be happy. Have you ever been in this situation? What do you enjoy doing with your friends?

You will make it through, little british girl xoxo

p.s just saw they added 3 more seasons of teen wolf on netflix whoooooo


2 thoughts on “friends?

  1. Hey, I can totally understand your emotions coz I have been through the same. Sometimes some people don’t see our true self. However there are always people out there who just want you to be you. We are also quite similar since I am a shy and awkward teen too. : )

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