tv shows

Okay is it just me or does anyone else get so into tv shows that they become obsessed with the characters. I am one of many earthlings that feel this way.

Netflix .I’ve watched a lot of shows on there, some i preferred over others. I’m going to be completely honest and say i sound like your stereo typical teen girl what it comes to the shows i enjoy. But come on who isn’t a a sucker for romance. Personally i adore pretty little liars, vampire diaries, teen wolf and the originals.

I can’t wait for the rest of pll to arrive  ,like how dare they leave it with a cliff hanger and give us months of waiting. However as far as shipping goes definitely love the original couples but my favourites would have to be haleb. Don’t get me wrong i do love the others but its something about them that’s had me hooked. Who’s you favourite pair and what are your hopes for the last couple of episodes?

Moving on to vampire diaries i am only half way through season 4 but it’s defiantly one of my favourites. Damon Salvator is most certainly my boo. Like who doesn’t love a protective bad boy. He would do anything for Elena and its sooo cute. Dont get me wrong Stefan is also fabulous and i love that he lets Elena make here own decisions but sometimes she isnt thinking clearly and makes stupid ones that get her in some sticky situations. If you were Elena who would you chose mysterious Damon or caring Stefan?

Teen Wolf. Netflix needs to add some more like who only adds two seasons and deprives people of their favorite werwolf. Unfortunately because i live in England it doesnt run on normal tv and i cant find it any where but if you know where i could would defiantly be appreciated. It breaks my heart at how many times Stilinski is rejected in just two seasons he is such a sweet heart. Also you have hunters then you have the wolves and i just dont know who should be running away.

The originals is a spin off i think as they are mentioned in vampire diaries early on i the show. Its all about the first vampires and the relationships the siblings have. I love all  of the surprises you get some facts come out of no where and your suddenly really confused. Im also not hugely far in to the show but its safe to say i will continue to watch it and if you havent hear of it i highly recommend it. Do you watch it and if so what are your opinions on it?

A bit of a different sort of post today, let me know if you want to read any more like this .Its safe to say i am a fangirl are you?

Enjoy your binge watching, little british girl xoxo


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