what do you want to do?

From an early age we are asked what we want to be when we are older. When kids are young they say things like princesses, dinosaurs, mermaids and more but as we grow older are views change and we are forced to chose something realistic.

I see videos of me as a baby singing with opera music, I remember my 5th birthday getting two guitars and at the same age going to my first concert. Music has always surrounded my life so I’m not surprised that’s my dream career path. However i have stage fright which also comes with having anxiety. It’s just always been there and gotten stronger as i’ve grown older.

This time last year i was at a family party and there was karaoke. Even though the stage and crowd terrified me i was convinced to have a go. When the music started i was freaking out i couldn’t comprehend what was happening but some how i got lost in the music and forgot people were watching me, judging me. It’s accelerating having you passion over come your fear because if you really try you can win your biggest battles.

last week my school were doing a day that’s meant to help us decide what we want to do. At the start he mentioned that only a small percentage can make it as actors or singers. It’s hard to know the thing you want most in the world only has a slim chance of happening. Although why don’t we all try are dreams and passions are what make us. I can’t imagine having music ripped out of my life ,it’s my way of expressing myself.

My two biggest idols are Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes. I love how its just them and their guitar on the stage singing to huge crowds making others happy by doing what they love. By expressing themself. This year i am going to see both artists and i can honestly not wait. The atmosphere is amazing so many fans in one place.

That’ what i want to do , i want to make music that means something to me and others can enjoy. I want to make people happy. Even though there is a small chance of succeeding i will give it everything i’ve got.

What do you want to do? Do you ever get told it’s not practical or are you unsure of your future.What are your passions and aspirations? i would love to know.

dont stop trying, little british girl xxx


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